NovuHealth Risk Adjustment Solution

The member-focused way to accurately capture risk adjustment revenue.

Current risk adjustment approaches, like chart-chasing, in-home visits and data mining, are effective for the members who complete their Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and get coded. But what about the members who don’t go in? You can’t code members who don’t visit their doctor, and those members would represent a significant revenue opportunity.

What if you could motivate your unengaged members to visit the doctor? What if you could empower them to have a more productive visit with their physician, increasing the likelihood their HCCs get identified accurately in the first place?

Introducing NovuHealth’s Risk Adjustment Solution

Our Risk Adjustment Solution represents a fundamental shift in how health plans capture risk adjustment revenue. By motivating unengaged members to visit their providers and arming them with valuable information, we can facilitate more productive AWVs—reducing unknown risk and driving more timely, accurate coding.

Benefits of NovuHealth’s approach


Enhance the likelihood of getting more members coded with greater accuracy.

We drive more members into the doctor and empower them to have a more productive visit, which can drive more accurate and complete coding.

Improve member care and influence positive outcomes.

With a clearer picture of member health, plans can provide appropriate interventions in a more timely manner.

Build stronger relationships with each of your members.

We help foster trust by creating opportunities for positive interactions between plans and their members, which can positively impact member satisfaction.

To learn more about NovuHealth’s Risk Adjustment Solution, schedule a quick chat with one of our solutions experts.

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