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The growing, costly problem of member churn

Since 2008, voluntary churn among Medicare Advantage members has been steadily increasing—a trend that’s likely to continue thanks to factors such as an extended open enrollment period, the availability of more shopper tools, and greater consumer awareness.

The cost of churn can be significant for health plans, totaling total tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue and increased costs. For members, it can interrupt access to care, and the process of enrolling in a new plan can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Most plans accept churn as an unavoidable reality. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could identify your members who are most likely to churn? What if you could engage them in meaningful, measurable ways—improving their connection with your plan, and increasing the chances they stay?

Average voluntary churn rates have slowly increased since 2008, and are likely to increase further.*

*CMS C30 Stars data

Introducing NovuHealth’s Member Retention Solution

NovuHealth’s Member Retention Solution recognizes the members who are proactively managing their care, acknowledging them for closing care gaps and encouraging them to remain engaged. The result: increased satisfaction and reduced churn.  

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, NovuHealth identifies the members most likely to churn and delivers a personalized engagement experience.

Benefits of NovuHealth’s approach

Identify members most likely to churn

Often, the members most likely to churn are those who are engaged and compliant, making them important members for a plan to retain. Using our proprietary predictive analytics, we can determine which members are more likely to leave, and recognize and acknowledge them to drive greater satisfaction.

Deliver a personalized experience

Consumers today expect a tailored, high-touch experience from every brand/service they interact with, and health plans are no different. We personalize the member engagement experience—from preferred channels to relevant content to the most important care activities—so members feel uniquely seen and understood.

Build stronger member relationships

By recognizing members for taking an active role in their health, NovuHealth’s Member Retention Solution helps drive deeper engagement with your plan, enhancing member satisfaction and increasing the likelihood they stay.

To learn more about NovuHealth’s Member Retention Solution, schedule a quick chat with one of our solutions experts.

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