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It’s traditionally thought that the 65+ population is difficult to engage online. NovuHealth set out to test this assumption through two different mediums: a direct mail rewards program that encouraged online redemption, and a study of participation in an online Stress Reduction program.

In both cases, the assumption was proved untrue. In the direct mail study, 43% of members aged 65-75 redeemed their reward online. 96% of members stayed in the online channel after redeeming once online. And in the Stress Reduction program, 73% of members aged 60+ completed the 8-week mindfulness-based program entirely online. Furthermore, for members with the option to participate in both, participation in the online wellness program was associated with higher redemption rates in the rewards program. The deeper the participation in the digital features, the higher the engagement rates and the better the results.

Online engagement is not only efficient, but cost-effective when it comes to preventive care and disease management. Consider the cost of a customer service phone call: $0.89 per minute (more for long distance). With the average customer service call lasting 8 minutes, a single encounter with just one member clocks in at $7.12. And while direct mail is less expensive, a digital experience can serve millions of members, with each online member added reducing the overall cost for all involved.


  • Omni-channel engagement to give members a seamless, cross-channel experience
  • Benefits of going online are highlighted up front (more reward choices or additional wellness programs, for example)
  • Rewards and incentives for checking in to online health challenges and participating in wellness programs
  • Community support from peers and health experts alike
  • Continual engagement with the member in their preferred channel, while continuing to reiterate the benefits of digital
  • Multimedia content—video, audio and written resources often eliminate the need for an in-person coach
  • Easy accessibility—via desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Clear language—participants identified the platform most often as “educational, positive, caring and empowering”


The myth that Medicare members aren’t online? Debunked. People aged 65+ can become digitally engaged, and when they do they end up embracing the channel for future interactions.


NovuHealth is the leading healthcare consumer engagement company, offering rewards and incentive programs that improve consumer health and plan performance. NovuHealth applies proven loyalty and data science strategies and leverages its deep industry and regulatory expertise to motivate high-value consumer activities. Headquartered in Minneapolis, NovuHealth has worked with nearly 40 health plans and served more than 15 million consumers across all 50 states.

“Online engagement is not only efficient, but cost-effective when it comes to preventive care and disease management.

About NovuHealth

Novuhealth is the leading healthcare consumer engagement company, driven to improve consumer health and health plan performance. NovuHealth motivates consumers to complete high-value healthcare activities by leveraging its sophisticated engagement platform, proven loyalty and behavioral science strategies, and deep industry and regulatory expertise. Headquartered in Minneapolis, NovuHealth has worked with nearly 40 health plans and served nearly 15 million consumers across all 50 states.


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