Action for Social Justice

NovuHealth’s Commitment Statement

Action for Social Justice

NovuHealth’s Commitment Statement


NovuHealth’s commitment to addressing racism and injustice

Structural racism and social injustice are real, but they aren’t new.

Despite ongoing calls for equality and failed attempts at real change, these issues continue to persist and directly impact a person’s opportunities, socioeconomic status, and overall health outcomes.

At NovuHealth, we value diversity and embrace it within our culture. We stand by the belief that health outcomes should not be determined by the color of your skin or who you are. We, at our core, strive to help humans overcome unjust barriers to health so that they can experience healthcare—and life as a whole—equally.

NovuHealth is unwavering in these beliefs. We do, however, also recognize that our beliefs are not reality. That reality—unjust as it may be—is this: If you are a person of color or belong to a minority group, the institutions meant to help Americans, such as the legal system, social services, public education, and healthcare, do not function equally for you. 

This needs to change. And we, NovuHealth, know that we have more work to do. That’s why we are making a commitment to action. A commitment to progress. A commitment to becoming a stronger ally, both as a company and as individuals, and to advocate within the walls of our business, in our surrounding community, and on behalf of the millions of lives we serve.

It’s time for us to be teachable, to hold ourselves accountable, and to do the work necessary to support real progress. We will make missteps, we will experience discomfort, and we will discover difficult truths about ourselves. But, it’s time—and NovuHealth is committed to change. 


Our employees, business, community and members.

Commitment to employees

NovuHealth is committed to creating a space where everyone is welcomed and celebrated for being exactly who they are. We want NovuHealth to be a safe place for expression and a business where employees can openly discuss racism, injustice, and social inequality. Specifically, we’re committed to: 

    • Designating internal talent to lead the charge. NovuHealth employees will be the ones to lead the commitment-to-action efforts. 
    • Creating safe spaces to have conversations. NovuHealth employees will have the option to participate in conversations about racism, inequality, and injustice. This forum will be a safe space to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 
    • Providing educational opportunities. NovuHealth employees will have opportunities to learn about these social and systemic issues.
    • Inclusion for all employees. NovuHealth employees commit to conduct themselves consistent with our values, especially in regards to respecting, listening, and empathizing with one another.

Commitment as a business

NovuHealth is committed to diversity and inclusion. We aspire to create a business that brings out the best in all of us, without regard for skin color, sexual orientation, cultural background, gender, or age group. NovuHealth values the differences we have as humans, and we expect our external partners to do the same. Specifically, we’re committed to: 

  • Adopting a social equity scorecard. Collaborate with external resources to develop a scorecard that will be used to measure how well our company and business partners represent our community and the member populations we serve.
  • Diversity amongst internal talent, leadership, and board. Analyze our hiring practices and find new ways to attract diverse talent to join NovuHealth. This includes pursuing ways to represent BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women in leadership positions and on our board.

Commitment to community

NovuHealth is committed to supporting organizations that are doing the grassroots-level work to address racism, social injustice, and inequality. Specifically, we’re committed to: 

  • Donating. Direct monetary contributions to local organizations committed to fighting racism, injustice, and inequality.
  • Volunteering time. Build a calendar of events to support communities affected by systemic racism and social injustice. 
  • Education and engagement. Invite members of the community to have a conversation about race, inequality, injustice, and their overall experiences to gain a deeper perspective. 

Commitment to members

NovuHealth is committed to creating solutions that improve health and create value for all humans. To do that to the best of our ability, NovuHealth must address the potential healthcare barriers that exist for people of different races and socioeconomic statuses. Specifically, we are committed to:  

  • Analyzing existing solutions. Evaluate current solutions for any active barriers and biases in engagement design. 
  • Researching and learning. Execute qualitative and quantitative research to test our solutions with members who are the end-users. 
  • Instituting the findings from member feedback. Incorporate the findings from the internal analysis and research to improve existing solutions, and depending on the member’s needs, venture into creating new solutions.  


NovuHealth’s iterative process toward improvement.

NovuHealth’s commitments are not a one-and-done effort—rather, they are our starting point. As we learn, evolve, and grow as individuals and a business, we will continue to identify areas of improvement and where more work should be done. The future is unpredictable, but progress is necessary. And we, NovuHealth, are committed to contributing to a future where the color of your skin or who you are does not impact your opportunities or health outcomes. 

Change begins now, and NovuHealth is ready. 

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