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A critical yet challenging population to engage

Medicaid covers nearly half of all pregnancies in the United States. While pregnant mothers are just 2% of the Medicaid population, they represent over 30% of the costs—making the Mom & Baby population a critical audience for plans to engage and motivate. Research shows that early and regular prenatal care leads to improved birth outcomes, but for Medicaid members, social determinants can create barriers between moms-to-be and the care they need.

Limited prenatal care results in 2X the risk of preterm birth and infant mortality during pregnancy.

No prenatal care leads to 5X the risk of infant death in the first year of life.

NovuHealth’s solution: Healthy moms, healthy babies

Knowing that the prenatal HEDIS measure must be completed in the first trimester or within 42 days of enrollment in the plan, NovuHealth’s Mom & Baby Program engages moms-to-be with timely, actionable communications and rewards them for closing the prenatal, postpartum and well-child care measures that are critical for quality and cost management outcomes.

Based on engagement programs NovuHealth has run for clients, women who complete a prenatal healthcare activity are:


more likely to complete a postpartum healthcare activity


2.3X more likely to complete at least one well-child visit


3X as many activities per infant

Schedule a quick chat with one of our solutions experts to learn how NovuHealth can help you engage and motivate the Mom & Baby population to close critical prenatal, postpartum and well-child care measures.

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