A fresh perspective on driving plan performance

In today’s pay-for-performance world, we engage members to complete the high-value activities that matter most to their health—and your plan’s performance.

We’re driven by consumer marketing best practices

We’re here to tell you that your members are, first and foremost, consumers. Engage with them accordingly, and you’ll see the results. With a diverse team drawn from across industries, we’re bringing the best of consumer loyalty into healthcare.

How NovuHealth’s member engagement platform works

Bringing our engagement experts’ strategy to life, NovuHealth’s Activate Engagement Platform combines plan and consumer data to create a personalized program for each consumer.

Engaging the right member with the right message—and the right incentive—we motivate your members to complete high-value activities.

What’s more, we deliver a retail-quality, omni-channel member experience, use predictive analytics for better return on investment, and leverage real-time results to improve your next program cycle. All within a single platform.

The science behind member engagement

At NovuHealth, we believe member engagement isn’t a soft science, it’s data science.

That’s why we use predictive analytics in healthcare to identify the members most likely to engage at the lowest possible cost. We use behavioral health science, along with rewards and healthcare incentives, to motivate members to actively engage with their health.

The result? Better health outcomes. Stronger plan performance. And a valuable, trust-building experience for members.

Healthcare innovation, guided by compliance expertise

We believe healthcare innovation should be based on a solid understanding of healthcare laws and regulations. Our in-house compliance experts keep us up-to-date on the very latest from CMS and other laws and rules that apply to your health plan’s operations.

Meaningful rewards & engagement programs that improve health and drive plan performance.

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