COVID-19 Rapid Response

Engagement Solution

from NovuHealth

COVID-19 Rapid Response Engagement Solution from NovuHealth

Communicate to members quickly and efficiently during the pandemic

During times of crisis and chaos, your members are bombarded by information from a variety of sources, and they can easily become confused or overwhelmed.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads both illness and fear across the nation, your members will look to you for:

  • Timely access to accurate, up-to-date information
  • Critical services and resources to keep them safe and connected
  • Reassurance that you will support and protect them

NovuHealth can help

NovuHealth’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Engagement Solution helps you communicate quickly and effectively to your members about the pandemic. It provides the timely, accurate information they seek and connects them with the vital plan resources they need. Our solution is designed to:

Educate members about critical COVID-19 information,
including preventive measures, signs and symptoms, and where to go for the latest updates.

Connect members to valuable plan resources, such as telehealth tools and tips on how to avoid stress, isolation and loneliness.

Reassure members that their health plan is here for them during this time, offering support, guidance and crucial resources.

Why work with NovuHealth?

Our omni-channel solution deploys rapidly in preferred channels like email, IVR and direct mail, so you can engage members quickly and efficiently—key in a time of crisis.

We can communicate to your entire population, with additional targeted outreach to at-risk populations. Plus, we can tailor outreach to your needs and launch additional rounds as members’ needs change.

You can stay focused on core health care needs while leveraging our expertise in consumer loyalty and data science to reach your members.

Communicating quickly and effectively with members during the pandemic is not only recommended by the CDC, it may also have a positive impact on future HOS and CAHPS scores.

Talk with one of our experts to learn more about NovuHealth’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Engagement Solution:

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