In today’s economic reality, plans must deliver real value to the consumer to be successful. Focusing solely on cutting costs is not a strategically sound long-term plan. Rather, plans also need to invest in revenue-generating opportunities such as quality, member experience and utilization of resources, always keeping the consumer at the center of their efforts.

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That’s why, at NovuHealth, we believe an intelligent consumer engagement program holds the key to creating true value, for both the plan and the consumer.

So how can engagement impact quality improvement and appropriate risk adjustment, member satisfaction and retention—and even attract more members? We shared our unique approach to effectively engaging members (including our best insights and strategies) in our most recent webinar, led by NovuHealth EVP of Marketing & Engagement Jordan Mauer.

In it, we reveal how to:

  • Design an intelligent engagement program that serves as a revenue driver
  • Drive plan loyalty through targeted rewards and incentives
  • Deliver a better member experience through predictive analytics and personalized communication

Download the webinar, “How to Solve Value-Based Performance? Member Engagement.”

download the webinar

Want even more insights and best practices to build an engagement program that boosts health and performance? Contact us to keep the conversation going.

Jordan Mauer is Executive Vice President of Marketing & Engagement at NovuHealth. In this role, he develops and leads the company’s marketing and brand initiatives, as well as the end-to-end management of member-facing operations. With more than 15 years of senior marketing leadership experience, Jordan brings a passion for analytics, loyalty operations and engagement, as well as strategic energy, to NovuHealth.

About NovuHealth
NovuHealth is the leading healthcare consumer engagement company, offering rewards and incentive programs that improve consumer health and plan performance. NovuHealth applies proven loyalty and data science strategies and leverages its deep industry and regulatory expertise to motivate high-value consumer activities. Headquartered in Minneapolis, NovuHealth has worked with nearly 40 health plans and served more than 15 million consumers across all 50 states. Learn more at

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