Welcome back to the fourth of our 5-part series exploring health plans’ top member engagement mistakes and proven strategies for designing more effective programs. In our last post, we discussed how to optimize your engagement program to improve outcomes and ROI. Check it out!

Personalizing your program for next-level member engagement

In the past, personalizing the consumer experience was the exclusive realm of consumer brands like Starbucks, Amazon, and Coca-Cola. Leveraging consumer data, behavioral science and AI capabilities, these companies create highly personalized experiences to build lasting relationships with their customers.

But the rise of the consumer no longer applies to just retail—it now includes healthcare as well. Your members want to be heard, understood, and valued as unique individuals.

Today, effectively engaging members requires advanced personalization, beyond simply inserting a member’s name in the salutation. Plans that leverage behavioral targeting to deliver relevant, personalized content to their members will stay ahead of the curve—and dramatically improve member engagement, health outcomes and plan performance. 

Here are 3 common mistakes to watch out for, plus, tips to take your plan’s personalization strategy to the next level.

Mistake #1: Not seeing your members as individuals

How well do you know your members? Some plans treat all of their members the same, with a one-size-fits-all approach. Others may segment their member population according to demographics like age, gender, location, etc. But beyond those basic characteristics, most plans don’t have an accurate picture of who their members really are. They don’t know what makes them tick, what matters most to them, and what will motivate them to take action.

Leading plans today leverage behavioral science as a powerful tool to better understand and serve your members.

At NovuHealth, we take a 3-part approach to applying behavioral science. First, we gather as much information as we can about your plan’s members—using tools like member surveys, demographics, personas, primary and secondary research, etc. Then, we use data analytics to learn how members have interacted with your plan in the past. Finally, we overlay all that research and data with predictive models to forecast how your members will act in the future.

In the end, this human-centric approach allows us to build highly personalized member communications for more impactful and effective engagement.

Personalization Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Wondering how your plan stacks up when it comes to personalization? Check out our infographic illustrating the personalization evolution in healthcare.

INFOGRAPHIC: Wondering how your plan stacks up when it comes to personalization? Check out our infographic illustrating the personalization evolution in healthcare.

Mistake #2: Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to member communications

When it comes to member outreach, some plans send the same message to all members, perhaps adding the member’s name to the salutation before it goes out the door. But your communications will have a much greater impact if you take a member-centric approach—customizing content and design to speak to the individual member.

We recommend using your behavioral science insights to create customized messaging for different populations. Different members will respond better to different messages, images, or calls to action. If you’re communicating via email, even different subject lines may be more effective for certain member segments.

Also, keep in mind that a member’s priorities and preferences may change over time, so it’s important to adapt to those changes. Machine learning and artificial intelligence advancements can help you continuously test your messaging to see how members are engaging and get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not.

This process of testing and learning will allow you to be nimble and ensure your communications continue to resonate with your members as their needs and preferences change over time. That translates into better engagement, increased adoption, and ultimately improved health outcomes.

Mistake #3: Reaching your members in the wrong channels

Some plans communicate to all members via the same channel mix—or they may select channels based on demographics.

However, a more effective strategy is to provide members with a unique omni-channel experience based on behavioral science and resources like personas, consumer data, and historic engagement patterns. A highly personalized and seamless member experience across multiple channels allows members to interact in whichever channel works best for them, at whatever time they choose.

And if you continue to track your communications using artificial intelligence, you can learn what a member’s preferred channels are—and prioritize those channels to optimize engagement.

At NovuHealth, we put all of this together—behavioral science, customized content, and dynamic omni-channel communications—to personalize the member experience. We take into account both member preferences and what’s best for their health in each and every touchpoint. Our platform dynamically adjusts throughout a member’s journey, delivering relevant communications that prompt the right members to take the right action at the right time.

The result? Better engagement, reduced abrasion and improved outcomes. See for yourself: In a recent pilot program with a Texas-based Medicare plan, we achieved a 300% increase in gap closure, and a 10% increase in NPS. Plus, 75% of respondents said the program improved their satisfaction with the plan, and 55% shared they were likely to renew because of the program. All thanks to our highly personalized approach.

About NovuHealth

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