Despite the fact that Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) have been offered as a benefit to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members for several years, the percentage of members who actually receive an AWV is small.

These low uptake rates can be explained in part by lack of availability among providers. For example, less than half of primary care providers offer an AWV to their Medicare patients. But health plans have a part to play, too. Some plans don’t promote AWVs as an available healthcare activity to their members—and if they do, it’s often not incentivized.

That’s surprising given the well-known benefits of the AWV—such as strengthening the patient/provider relationship, early detection of chronic disease and the opportunity to discuss things like advanced care planning.

When health plans make AWVs a central part of their member engagement efforts, they see a substantial lift in the completion of both AWVs and other high-value healthcare activities (HCAs). Plans can also benefit from using the AWV to improve the accuracy and efficacy of their risk adjustment efforts.

Download the infographic to see the positive impact AWVs can have and get 5 strategies for motivating more members to have more productive visits.

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