Is your plan looking to improve member satisfaction? What if we told you that starting with a focus on quality and member engagement might actually be the best way to improve your members’ experience and their perception of your plan? Here’s why:

The “halo effect” of quality-focused engagement programs

While it might not be your first thought to launch a quality-focused program to lift member satisfaction, it actually makes perfect sense. An engagement program designed to encourage members to complete activities (such as preventive screenings) that will boost HEDIS measures can create a more trusted relationship between you and your members—increasing brand affinity and loyalty.

That’s because quality-focused engagement programs create opportunities for positive communications with your members across multiple touchpoints—email, IVR, mail, text, etc. Personalized, motivating and educational outreach can help members feel like your plan understands their needs and challenges and is dedicated to serving them better as they work to get (or stay) healthy. This, in turn, empowers members to become better healthcare consumers—and take a more active role in their own health. Over time, it all adds up to increased satisfaction, reflected in higher retention rates and even CAHPS scores.

We call this the “halo effect.” As your quality measures improve, member satisfaction is likely to rise right alongside as a secondary, but equally powerful, improvement.

NovuHealth’s Healthy Connections for HOS

If your goal is to focus specifically on HOS scores, rather than (or in addition to) satisfaction in a broader sense, NovuHealth’s Healthy Connections for HOS can help your plan improve performance on key HOS measures C04 and C05: Improving or maintaining physical and mental health. We engage members in an 8-week program that delivers uplifting educational content on wellness and social health topics—encouraging small steps forward to better health, positioning the plan as part of the member’s support network and rewarding members for joining and completing the program.

And the results prove members are highly engaged with Healthy Connections for HOS. Data from one plan’s program show that 70% of enrolled members stayed engaged throughout the program—meaning that once members were engaged, they stuck with it. In addition, the pilot proved the effectiveness of a multi-channel engagement approach. The program utilizes postcards as well as outbound and inbound IVR to engage members. Our data reveal that utilizing outbound IVR along with a postcard correlated to a 40% uptick in enrollment.

Healthy Connections for HOS not only targets the key HOS measures C04 and C05, it also has a “halo effect” of contributing to overall member satisfaction—building a trusted, positive relationship between members and their plan, while simultaneously increasing perceived plan value.

Ready to learn more about boosting member satisfaction through an engagement program? Contact us to learn more about how we tailor rewards and engagement solutions to your member population using the latest in behavioral health science and healthcare data analytics.


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