Year-end is a time for reflection and assessment, especially for health plans. It’s also a time to evaluate priorities for the coming year. As you continue to plan your member engagement initiatives for 2019, check out our 6 most popular blog posts from 2018 for some best practices and proven strategies.

7 Best Practices for Addressing SDoH

While most plans know they need to address social determinants of health (SDoH), many don’t know how or where to start. With these 7 strategies, plans can reduce social barriers, engage hard-to-reach members and begin to improve health outcomes.

Case Study: How Community Health Choice Motivated 60% of Members to Close Diabetic Care Gaps

Community Health Choice, a Texas-based non-profit HMO, wanted to close diabetic care gaps and improve health outcomes for its at-risk marketplace members. Find out how NovuHealth helped Community engage non-compliant, hard-to-reach members and motivate them to close critical diabetic care gaps.

3 Ways Engagement Can Drive MA Program Success, According to NovuHealth CEO Tom Wicka

It’s no secret that improving consumer engagement can help drive Medicare Advantage (MA) plan performance. NovuHealth CEO Tom Wicka shares his perspective on how engagement can help plans improve health and meet quality and retention goals.

7 Strategies to Engage Hard-to-Reach Medicaid Members

Medicaid members are typically more difficult to reach and engage than other healthcare consumers, for several reasons. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. These proven strategies and best practices, gleaned from our work with Medicaid plans, can set you up for success.

Case Study: How 1 Medicare Plan Impacted HOS Measures and Built Member Trust

Along with CAHPS, HOS scores make up almost 30% of a Medicare Advantage plan’s Star rating. But measurably influencing these scores—and member satisfaction in general—can be a challenge. Find out how NovuHealth helped one large plan do just that.

5 Trends Influencing the Future of Healthcare

From big data disruption to the rise of consumerism, 5 key factors are reshaping the healthcare industry—and only healthcare executives who capitalize on them will thrive in our ever-changing marketplace. Learn how to use these trends to your advantage.


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