As a Medicaid health plan, you know that it can be hard to get—and remain—in touch with all Medicaid members. Whether it’s a shifting address, unreliable contact info, or simply members dropping in and out of Medicaid eligibility, developing a consistent relationship and engaging members can be a challenge. Yet, member engagement is crucial to improving health outcomes and quality standards like HEDIS.

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Enter Medicaid rewards and engagement programs, supported by robust omni-channel communications and mobile engagement. Although there will always be members who are difficult to reach, these engagement strategies will help your program reach members where they are and when they are ready, despite transient membership.

Omni-channel communications
We know that members migrate between communications channels, and that having a presence on multiple channels gives you a better chance to find and connect with a member, however they prefer to engage. That’s why, at Novu, we believe omni-channel communications are the ideal solution for engagement programs.

Omni-channel engagement programs not only have a presence across multiple channels, but integrate those channels on the back end, so that a member can seamlessly cross between them and still have a single, unified experience. This means that even if a member drops in and out of plans over time, they can still pick up where they left off previously on any channel. This not only makes it simpler and easier to participate in your Medicaid rewards and engagement program, but will encourage consistent levels of engagement.

Mobile engagement
When it comes to Medicaid rewards and engagement programs, developing a communications strategy that’s relevant to the modern lifestyle requires embracing mobile engagement. Medicaid members are heavy mobile users. However, because they often use prepaid plans, they don’t have unlimited data access or texting. When sending text messages, strive to reach members earlier in the month and use lower amounts of data to avoid missing your members by exceeding their data limits. Just be sure your text messages are complaint with all FCC regulations.

Another advantage of reaching your members by text message is timeliness and relevancy. Because texts are often read soon after they are received, your messages are more likely to reach the right member at the right time. Beyond mobile communications, consider offering prepaid mobile minutes as rewards, and be sure all your communications and online platforms are mobile friendly.

Looking for more engagement strategies to ensure your Medicaid rewards and engagement program strengthens health outcomes and helps you reach quality standards, maximizing pay-for-performance? Download our white paper today.

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