With social determinants of health (SDoH) like housing, transportation, financial support and food security accounting for 80% of health outcomes, addressing SDOH is clearly essential to improving member health.

It’s also a smart business decision that can significantly decrease health care costs and utilization—while increasing quality of care and plan performance.

In the third and final installment in our SDoH white paper series, Social Determinants of Health: Improving Member Engagement and Satisfaction, we share a framework for building a member engagement program that addresses SDoH factors, behavioral biases and member connection. We find that rewards and incentives programs offer the perfect vehicle in which to deliver the needed changes to member populations and, in turn, to health plan performance.

Ready to build your strategy? We recommend the following seven best practices for successful member engagement that addresses SDoH:

  • Improve awareness of community services
  • Help members access services
  • Encourage partner alignment to ensure services are available and responsive to member needs
  • Provide dedicated time and resources for addressing SDoH
  • Align incentives—provide the right type of incentives for members to engage in their health care
  • Incentivize patients to connect with their caregivers
  • Help patients obtain financial resources to remain on their medication and care plans

Download the white paper for more strategies and insights on how to holistically engage your members—and overcome SDoH barriers to better health.

Download the white paper

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