When it comes to improving HOS scores, it can feel like the cards are stacked against Medicare plans: HOS randomly samples beneficiaries, surveys an aging population, and occurs over an extended 2-year period.

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Plus, when it comes to HOS measures C04 and C05, there’s the matter of improving or maintaining not just your members’ health, but their perception of it—which is at best an intangible variable to influence or measure.

But with this year’s HOS results coming out soon, now’s the time to set up your plan for success in the coming months and years. 

Despite your efforts to provide the highest quality care for your members, it can be difficult to measure exactly how (or if) you will impact your HOS measures. So, how can your Medicare plan reliably, quantifiably improve HOS scores? Is there a clear path to doing so?

For one Medicare plan, the answer was NovuHealth’s Healthy Connections for HOS.

Designed to impact key HOS measures C04 and C05—improving or maintaining physical and mental health—we engaged members in the 8-week Healthy Connections for HOS program, delivering uplifting educational content on wellness and social health topics. Through this content, members were encouraged to take small steps for better health and were rewarded for joining and completing the program.

The plan saw stellar results: 78% of participating members reported they improved or maintained their emotional health and 85% said they improved or maintained their physical health.

Plus, 82% of members surveyed said they would or probably would recommend the program to others.

For more in-depth results, download the full case study: How one Medicare plan impacted HOS measures and built member trust with NovuHealth. 

download the case study

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