Containing health care spending without sacrificing coverage may very well be the industry challenge of our time.

As health care costs continue to rise, year after year, appropriate health care utilization is essential. Successful plans must focus on decreasing over-use—such as emergency room visits for non-emergency health care needs—and increasing cost-saving measures—such as active participation in disease management protocols.

Interestingly, and while there are many additional factors at play (such as accessibility, education and affordability), evidence points to patient engagement as being central to appropriate health care utilization.

The more engaged a plan member is in their own health and health care, the more likely they are to make efficient use of health care resources.

That means, with a well-designed engagement program, plans can target areas such as:

  • Care management
  • Disease management
  • ER avoidance
  • Advanced care planning

So how can you make it happen? For more insights, download the full article: Encouraging appropriate health care utilization through member engagement: Insights from NovuHealth. We delve deeper into the impact of engagement on health care costs—and share best practices for increasing a member’s level of health engagement.

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