Did you know that, on average, five out of every 1,000 breast cancer screenings uncover cancer?

At NovuHealth, we’ve motivated millions of members across the country to get to the doctor for preventive screenings.

And since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’re sharing what we’ve learned over the years about how to increase healthy activities like cancer screenings. We know they have the power to save lives.

So, here are 3 tips every plan can use to increase screenings and early detection rates for breast cancer:

1. Get members to their Annual Prevention Exam

Members who attend their Annual Prevention Exam are exponentially more likely to complete their Breast Cancer Screening. In essence, this essential annual appointment serves as a gateway for other preventive care activities.

Make sure your members know about the importance of their Annual Prevention Exam. Find ways to help them get there if they face social or economic barriers, and consider providing a financial incentive.

2. Personalize your message & communication channels

Treat your members like consumers with a retail-like experience. Two keys to this are personalization and omnichannel communication.

Personalization: Reach out to members with a personal reminder when they’re due for a screening. Members will be far more likely to act when the message is relevant to them, so be sure to leverage any plan or consumer data at your disposal to tailor the communication.

Omnichannel communication: An omnichannel approach creates a seamless consumer experience and allows members to engage in their preferred communication channels. This is important because ease and simplicity are the name of the game when it comes to boosting engagement and motivating member action.

3. Offer an incentive

Members may put off or avoid a breast cancer screening, for fear of finding cancer. But a reward can be exactly the nudge a member needs to take action and schedule an appointment. Merchandise can be effective for certain populations, but gift cards or debit cards appeal across all consumers.

To find out the ideal incentive value for breast cancer screenings and other preventive care visits, download our insight: Optimal reward amounts for select high-value care activities.

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Looking for more? Contact us to learn more about how we tailor rewards and engagement solutions to your member population using the latest in behavioral health science and healthcare data analytics.


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