With HEDIS results due June 15, by now, your health plan likely has a solid sense of its 2017 scores.

So, here’s the question: Is your plan performing as expected and desired? If not, what measures do you need to improve for 2018?

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Now’s the perfect time to assess where you’re at, and put together an action plan for the back half of the year to meet your 2018 goals. At NovuHealth, we believe no plan is complete without a member engagement program—designed to impact HEDIS scores and Star ratings.

After all, a member engagement program can have a significant impact on short- and long-term performance, no matter what time of year it’s launched. In just a matter of months, it can boost HEDIS scores and, at the same time, lay the foundation for ongoing member loyalty in the years beyond.

We partnered with one large Medicare Advantage plan struggling to boost its Star rating, building an engagement program with a specific aim: close care gaps among 120,000 members during a short window of time—October to December. That’s just 3 months.

The key to success during this truncated time was to focus outreach on members who were not up-to-date on their recommended care, but were likely to act when offered an appropriate incentive. We also targeted only the measures that would most affect quality ratings. So how did we do? In a matter of months, we closed more than 35,000 care gaps, and boosted the plan’s Star rating from 3 to 4—all with an ROI of 5:1.

download the case study

Ready to boost your plan performance in 2018? It’s not too late! Contact us to learn how we tailor rewards and engagement solutions to your member population using the latest in behavioral health science and healthcare data analytics.


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NovuHealth is the leading healthcare consumer engagement company, offering rewards and incentive programs that improve consumer health and plan performance. NovuHealth applies proven loyalty and data science strategies and leverages its deep industry and regulatory expertise to motivate high-value consumer activities. Headquartered in Minneapolis, NovuHealth has worked with nearly 40 health plans and served more than 15 million consumers across all 50 states. Learn more at novuhealth.com.

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