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Empower Consumers

Empower Consumers

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Influence Behavior

Influence Behavior

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Deliver Health Outcomes

Deliver Health Outcomes

Novu builds a connection between consumers and the healthcare ecosystem. The company’s consumer-centered platform facilitates engagement and activation through proven consumer marketing techniques, including personalization, gamification, rewards and social community, cultivating a currency of loyalty and influence. Through Novu, this currency is applied to create efficiencies for today’s health care system.

Our Approach For Today's Health Care Ecosystem

Through Novu, the health care ecosystem can leverage a proven approach to activating consumers through technology and engagement best practices.


SaaS-based, secure platform for today’s health care ecosystem

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The right content to the right consumer at the right time

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What We Offer

Through the Novu platform, the health care ecosystem can leverage proven engagement techniques and marketing tools

Health Programming

Over 200 health programs to guide consumers on their health journey

Community Management

Health buddies, groups, events and other social elements support consumers

Gamification Mechanics

Personalized health challenges and games drive participation and fun

Efficient Communication

Powerful marketing engines ensure maximum relevance and impact


Rewards Management

Rewards engines incent and support healthy behaviors and actions

Technology & Data Integration

Open architecture for integration with third-party technologies and data

Health Screening Management

Comprehensive biometric screenings and HRAs to monitor consumer health

Reporting and Analytics

Multiple levels of reporting and analytics capabilities


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